He’s a gay, and when got an event towards Duke away from Crowborough, just like the Crawleys was in fact from inside the London

He’s a gay, and when got an event towards Duke away from Crowborough, just like the Crawleys was in fact from inside the London

Nothing is famous from Thomas’s relatives, however, he really does share with Sarah O’Brien and soon after Jimmy Kent you to their father was an excellent clockmaker. This means that, he appear to enjoys a natural affinity that have clocks, proclaiming that the guy spent my youth with these people and “understands” her or him. O’Brien phone calls him new home’s clock expert. He’s did at the Downton for over a decade, so when a great footman regularly breeze all the clocks when you look at the our home. The guy including appears to be some talented at the cricket, Lord Grantham saying as frequently, noting he had all family team’s works regarding the 1919 matches. The guy mentions so you’re able to Bates that he possess a sister for the Bombay. In the 1922, the guy put their associate Phyllis Baxter toward family so you’re able to serve as the an excellent lady’s maid to Ladies Grantham. It is just when you look at the 1924 it is revealed that Baxter is actually a pal out-of his cousin after they was indeed expanding upwards. This really is and the first mention of the Thomas having a cousin, and thus dropping some more white towards his records. When Thomas lies regarding the his father’s issues to wade to help you London to receive therapy to deal with his homosexuality, Baxter informs your she feels disappointed, due to the fact their dad is constantly nice so you can the girl. Thomas replies bitterly that he was never ever extremely form to help you him, implying a difficult reference to their dad.



Early in the new series, Thomas new footman could have been performing into getting a valet, while the condition from valet to help you Lord Grantham looks like they could well be his, whenever out of the blue Lord Grantham hires John Bates, who’s got not been good valet ahead of and you will walks having a beneficial cane. Thomas and you may Sarah O’Brien, Thomas’s friend and you can People Grantham’s lady’s housemaid, start plotting to acquire John Bates fired, and so they make an effort to ruin his really works.


The fresh new Duke away from Crowborough relates to Downton, ostensibly to invest their condolences into deaths off James and you can Patrick Crawley on Titanic. The truth is, Thomas typed toward Duke to help you suggest your that Robert Crawley will event brand new entailment, and you will Mary Crawley might possibly be an abundant heiress. The Duke desires a rich partner (to help his monetary discomforts) and you may Thomas really wants to getting rented once the his own valet. When this advice proves wrong and won’t works, Thomas attempts to resort to blackmail, with like characters the newest Duke got delivered your. It’s showed that that they had an affair (exactly what the Duke calls a summer time dalliance) if Crawleys had been staying in London. Although not, the new Duke steals their letters right back from Thomas and you may burns them right before Thomas’s vision.

The new heir, Matthew Crawley, and his mom, Isobel Crawley, are available. A neighbor hood man, Molesley, is hired to help you act as butler and as valet to help you Matthew. Thomas is enraged that he was not considering the job.

Thomas later on accidently can make an upfront on Kemal Pamuk, a beneficial Turkish envoy who is existence given that a guest to have a great take a look, but Kemal slaps their hands aside and you can says he will give Lord Grantham when the Thomas cannot tell him where Mary Crawley’s area was. Thomas believes and you will takes him in order to this lady room you to definitely evening. The following day he is surprised to locate Kemal deceased in the their own sleep. They are one of the few people who realized one Kemal was a student in Mary is why room the night time he died, however it is not sure if the the guy understands that he died here. The guy do relate what the guy understands to O’Brien.

Thomas realizes that their other footman William keeps thinking having kitchen maid Daisy and is browsing ask the woman to consult with brand new fair. Thomas maliciously asks their earliest. The guy shows their how to perform some newest dances. Daisy features a great crush on Thomas, and you can Mrs Patmore tries to give their one Thomas isn’t really a good ladies man, but unsuspecting Daisy will not appreciate this this is not good topic. Thomas along with tends to make a review regarding William’s mom who’s got died, which leads to a combat.

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