Microsoft Activation Scripts 1.2 Free Download

Microsoft Activation Scripts 1.2 Free Download

Microsoft Activation Scripts 1.2

A collection Microsoft Activation Scripts 1.2 scripts used to activate Microsoft products by HWID /KMS38 / Online MMS activation methods. They are open-source, less anti-virus detection and more user-friendly. This script is the merger of previous scripts which are,

  • Activation Script to activate a W10 Digital License
  • W10 LTSB2023 Digital License Activation Script
  • Online KMS Activation Script
  • Digital + KMS Preactivation Screen
  • (Added KMS38 Activation)
  • These scripts have been retired.

Microsoft Activation Scripts 1.2 Key Features

  • Digital License (HWID), which is a permanent activation to your system Hardware, means that you will always have a digital license even after the system reinstall.
  • although you’ll have to connect to the internet once to get a license after reinstall.
  • You can install all supported editions, digital licenses in the system.
  • Use Change W10 Edition Option to quickly establish HWID for all editions.
  • This activation does nothing to install files on your system.
  • Windows Update Service & Internet Must Be Enabled to Activate Instantly.
  • If you run it otherwise, the system auto-activates later when the enable the
  • Windows Update Service and the Internet
  • VPNs are used to protect privacy, anti spy tools and firewall’s rules.
  • may cause (due to blocking of some MS servers) problems in successful Activation.
  • You might see an Error regarding ‘#8216’Blocked Key’#8217 or other errors in activation.
  • These errors can be caused by corrupt system files, rare MS server problems or the above-mentioned reasons.
  • The system could not contact MS servers to activate the blocked key error.
  • This script activation process actually doesn’t use any Blocked Keys.
  • If the user installs the same Windows edition from the Retail (Consumer),&#8217 Windows 10 ISO, the system will automatically activate at the first online contact.
  • In the event of Windows 10 ISO VL (Business), however, the user must insert the windows edition retail/OEM code to activate the system.

Windows 10 /Server KMS38 Activation

  • KMS38 Activation means activate windows 10 till 2038. It isn’t permanent. After windows reinstall, users must activate this activation again.
  • KMS38 does not require an internet connection or enable windows to provide service updates at activation, as opposed to Digital License.
  • No files will be stored in the system in order to keep Activation.
  • If you’re planning on using KMS38 together with 180 days kilometers for office, then first apply KMS38. Then, use any KMS38 compatible kms activater.
  • KMS38 Activation can clear KMS IP & Port. Hence you may use any office activater after applying KMS38.
  • You may need to restart the system in order for activation to be completed. Please save your work before you continue. If windows have 180 days of activation, in that case the KMS38 activation code automatically uses slmgr/rearm. A restart is required.

How to use Microsoft Activation Scripts 1.2

  • First Download Microsoft Activation Scripts 1.2 via the below Links.
  • After the Download, Install the Program as Normal.
  • Please Before Use the Microsoft Activation Scripts 1.2 Must read the “Read Me” file.
  • Now you are done. Now, enjoy the full version.

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