The fresh limitations of the research render streams for future browse

The fresh limitations of the research render streams for future browse

Compared with research one mother-adolescent immigration reputation moderated maternal enthusiasm so you can friendship closeness, father-teenage immigrant standing is a somewhat significant moderator of 1 road and you will nothing of your road coefficients was in fact tall. Proof of Se pГҐ disse karene a beneficial moderating impression simply for mother-adolescent immigration updates in this analysis really stands weighed against almost every other lookup, and this shows new character out of father-teenage, however mom-adolescent, acculturation inaccuracies into the forecasting family unit members dating and teens modifications dilemmas (e.g., Schofield mais aussi al., 2008; Updegraff, McHale, Whiteman, Thayer, & Crouter, 2006). Along with her, such findings highly recommend next scientific studies are needed seriously to render knowledge regarding the exactly how parent-teenage social congruence otherwise incongruence, once the operationalized in another way plus reference to both mothers and you may dads, moderates different facets regarding youngsters advancement and you can adjustment. Subsequent, it will be vital that you understand how parent-teenage social congruence/incongruence communicates with other salient societal contexts when you look at the adolescents’ life, like the university, neighborhood or fellow microsystems to inform youthfulness creativity and you will welfare.

Limitations and you will Future Recommendations

Very first, regardless if adolescents’ attitudes of one’s own matchmaking experiences are essential, coming browse is always to glance at shared and discrepant point of views regarding service in the parent-teenage and teenage-friend matchmaking to raised see the interrelations among family and fellow contexts across adolescence. Adding pointers off one another members of new dyad would target concerns about possible biases one to originate from relying on one journalist of matchmaking. Second, the modern analysis concerned about parents’ and you may adolescents’ mutual immigration histories and taken into account adolescents’ familism philosophy. It could be important to increase which try to operationalize moms and dad-teenage congruence/incongruence in other ways in which and can be associated towards the connections anywhere between mother or father-teenage relationships and relationships round the puberty (age.g., parallels for the parents’ and you can adolescents’ cultural associations). Third, given puberty was a period of enhanced interactions having reverse-gender co-workers, future functions would be to discuss linkages ranging from mother-teenage dating high quality and you can adolescents’ cross-gender fellow matchmaking. Fourth, even though the links ranging from mother or father-adolescent dating and you can relationship properties and you will adolescents’ psychosocial operating had been examined ; Method ainsi que al., 2001), it is very crucial that you begin to explore exactly how these cross-dating connectivity is connected with young people doing work (see Creator citation, such as for example). Finally, all of our conclusions have to do with a specific attempt away from Mexican Western families (i.age., mostly immigrant, remaining in the fresh southwest, two-father or mother families) and you will coming performs is to increase this research so you’re able to youngsters away from different loved ones and sociocultural contexts.


This study is just one of the earliest to look at this new bidirectional associations ranging from parent-teenage and you can teenage-buddy relationships along side developmental chronilogical age of puberty certainly one of Latino youngsters. Our very own conclusions revealed that high quantities of parental passion at the beginning of adolescence were linked to highest relationship intimacy for the middle adolescence and you can closer relationships in middle puberty predict much warmer relationships that have mothers in the later puberty (De Goede ainsi que al., 2009). Including results underscore the fresh new dynamic interplay one of father or mother-teenage and you may adolescent-buddy relationships, and you may recommend the requirement to get to know the potential elements you to explain these types of get across-relationships connections in the future work (Masten & Coatsworth, 1998). Consistent with the bioecological design (Bronfenbrenner & Morris, 1998), particular relationships was in fact moderated from the teenage gender and you can mom-teenage immigration reputation. Giving support to the gender intensification theory (Mountain & Lynch, 1983), connectivity out of maternal desire at the beginning of adolescence so you’re able to friendship intimacy (having an exact same-sex buddy) when you look at the middle adolescence were certain so you’re able to girls. Our very own manage matchmaking closeness, an outstanding facet of females’ romantic relationships (Maccoby, 1998), may identify why that it shopping for came up simply for mom-eating cross-relationships associations having proportions which can be far more salient for men (elizabeth.g., shared issues and passion, dominance) in the future browse could possibly get produce conclusions specific so you’re able to father-young man dyads. Subsequent, the findings highlighting mommy-adolescent immigration condition as the a beneficial moderator from maternal passion at the beginning of adolescence and you can friendship intimacy into the later puberty results in an evergrowing muscles regarding browse about the household social perspective, and particularly similarities and you can differences in moms and dad-youngsters cultural characteristics, figure friends character and you can youthfulness innovation and really-are (e.grams., Schofield ainsi que al., 2009; Creator citation). Ultimately, this study causes a surfacing first step toward understanding of the latest normative growth of Latino young people inside key public options, which is very important once the highest cohorts of Latino childhood have a tendency to getting transitioning as a result of adolescence and you may into adulthood for the upcoming ).

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