What Are The Most Common Fetishes

Are there fetishes that are more common than others? Personally, I was not sure if there are fetishes that are more common than others. Instead of second guessing, I decided that I would speak to some of my friends at London escorts. The girls that I know at London escorts, run into guys who have different fetishes all of the time. Often they end up talking about them. So, what are the top 3 fetishes according to London escorts at Charlotte Epsom Escorts?

Lulu who works for an elite London escorts agency, says that fetishes tend to vary a bit. For instance, posh men who like to date elite London escorts, often have more extreme fetishes. That does not mean that extreme fetishes are common. As per Lulu, the most common fetish that she comes across among her clients, is the need for men to wear women’s lingerie. Many of the posh guys that she dates, do seem to have a thing about wearing women’s lingerie.

Anna, another sexy girl who works for a cheap London escorts agency in East London, says that many of her clients seems to have a nipple fetishes. A nipple fetish may present itself in many different ways. Some men like to play with their own nipples, but you also get a lot of guys who like to play with their girlfriends’ nipples. You also get guys who only like to collect photos of nipples. As a matter of fact, Anna has been into homes where the walls have been plastered with photos of women’s nipples.

The most common fetish, is still the humble foot fetish. Who are into foot fetishes? According to Sue who has worked for London escorts for some considerable time, it is mainly older guys who are into foot fetishes. A foot fetish can take many different forms. Some men like to have their feet washed while others like to have their toe sucked or the bottom of their feet licked. As long as you have clean feet, foot fetishes are never a problem. Just make sure that you watch out for verrucas and Athlete’s Foot. Fungal infections and virus infections, can easily transfer to you. That is the last thing that you want.

Do London escorts worry about fetishes? You will find that the vast majority of girls at your local London escorts service, will not mind fetishes at all. Unlike the rest of us, they accept fetishes as something fairly normal and just get on with what they have to do to make their clients happy. Perhaps the truth is that most of us make too much out of fetishes. When it all comes down to it, maybe we should just think of fetishes as having a little bit of fun in an adult way. They may not be for everybody, but once you get to know your fetish better, you may even come to enjoy it. Do look out for specialist forums online and London escorts that promote a range of fetish services.

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