What Is The Science Behind Kissing

Kissing is something that we all like to do. There are all sorts of types of kissing. Often we don’t stop to think why we kiss each other. What makes us kiss and why does kissing feel so good? If you have been contemplating kissing, you want to carry on reading this article penned by a sexy girl from a London escorts agency. Alana, works for a leading London escorts agency, and as far as kissing is concerned, she considers her to be something of an export.

Kissing With Tounges

Kissing using your tongue, is a really intimate experience. Unless a person is your lover, you would probably not dream of kissing him or her using your tongue. According to Alana from London escorts at Charlotte Watford escorts, kissing with tongues, or so called French kissing, is not something that we rush into. We are not likely to French kiss on the first date. Instead, it is someone that we are likely to leave until we are a bit more closely acquainted with each other. Do London escorts French kiss? Yes, some girls, but as it is such an intimate experience, they never rush into French kissing.

The Peck On The Cheek

The peck on the cheek is always associated with the French. French people seem to kiss each other every time they meet. We really don’t know where this habit has come from, but most London escorts do give their clients a peck on the cheek when they meet. Did you know that the peck on the cheek varies from culture to culture? Dutch and Belgian girls who work for London escorts, may kiss their clients three times. Twice to show affection and once for luck.

All Over Body Kisses

Of course, all over body kisses are associated with sex. In fact, this kind of kissing helps to stimulate the pleasure centers in the body. For instance, when you kiss a woman’s breasts, you stimulate the release of feel-good hormones. One of the hormones which is released, dopamine, is the reward hormone for us having sex. Dopamine release and kissing go hand in hand. Alana from London escorts says this hormone is released almost instantly when your lips touch or when your lips touch a part of someone’s body. It is the hormone that is responsible for that “tingly” sensation you feel.

Should we kiss more often? Yes, we should kiss more often. But, before you kiss someone new, you should make sure your kissing partner does not have any sores on his or her lips or around the mouth. Also, be careful of rashes. A number of infections and illnesses can be passed on when we kiss. Maybe this is why London escorts are often a bit reluctant to kiss. A London escort is more likely to kiss you once she knows you a little bit better. Just be patient, take your time and give yourself a chance to get to know each other before you start using tongues.

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